Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative is a school wide, multi-tiered system of support.  It is a practice for supporting and providing high-quality instruction and interventions which are matched to our student’s needs.

Student progress is frequently monitored to make decisions about changes in instruction.  We utilize prevention and intervention strategies for academic and behavioral issues.  We implemented this initiative at Central Lake Elementary three years ago.  
It provides our teachers with a format to organize our curriculum, instruction and interventions.

The goals of MiBLSi are:

  • • To reduce behavior problems
  • • To increase reading performance
  • • To gather data to provide accurate knowledge of both behavior and reading performance
  • • To use student performance information to develop and implement individual and school-wide interventions


Response to Intervention at Central Lake Elementary

  • General Education
  • Special Education
  • Title 1
  • Academy Groups- Reading and Math
  • Student Support/Interventions
  • Trojan Ticket Rewards Assembly
  • Student Success Team
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • MiBLSi Initiatives


The decisions made are teacher driven and supported by our administration.  Our MiBLSi team meets once per month to summarize and utilize existing behavior and academic data to drive instruction.  The teaching staff teaches the positive behavior expectations twice per year and the behavior expectations are clearly visible school wide in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms, recess, school bus, assembly, library, and upon arrival.  The Trojan Ticket Assembly is held once a month to reward students who were ‘caught being good’ and using respect, responsibility and safety.

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